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Arraytics: Year in Review [2023]


What a Year it has been! 🙌

So many trials and errors, and yet, we have managed to set milestones every step of the way. 

The year 2023 was a great page in our book because it was tough yet thriving. We enjoyed every bit of challenge that came around, and instead of cracking under pressure, we overcame them all with absolute teamwork.

Through sheer collaboration and constantly throwing ourselves into the pit of the learning curve, we made success with all our product lines, our WordPress plugins, and all the great software yet to arrive. 

Arraytics: ending the year 2023
Arraytics: Ending the year 2023

Nevertheless, 2023 for Arraytics was a year full of innovation including new product launches, groundbreaking updates, and more!

Not to mention, the endless fun, laughter, Table Tennis battles, birthday surprises, and eating out with teammates have always been a morale booster throughout the year. 

So before jumping into the uncertain possibility of 2024, let’s take a moment to look back and reflect on all the great moments we crafted together in the year 2023. 

Let’s find out the achievements and memories we have forged together. Let’s have a year in review!

Arraytics & ThemeWinter in a Nutshell 💻

Arraytics is the fastest-growing house making ground-breaking WordPress, SaaS, AI, machine learning, SaaS, and mobile applications. 

Founded in 2013, Arraytics started the journey on Envato building and offering stunning WordPress themes to the world. 

Arraytics logo

Having worked its way for 5 years, Arraytics became a Power Elite Author on Envato in 2018. After that, Arraytics went on building world-class tech products that offer unique solutions in WordPress and SaaS businesses worldwide. 

✋ The goal here is simple: Crafting Innovations with Care! 🙌

While aiming to make people’s lives and businesses better with user-friendly software, themes, and plugins, Arraytics achieved the BASIS ICT Award in 2020, the Monster Award in 2021 for Eventin WordPress Events Manager Plugin, and got featured #3 in the Product of the Day in Product Hunt with Timetics WP: An AI-powered Schedule-Appointment and Booking Plugin. 

But there’s more to this story. As the journey continues, we take you to every step we made throughout this year. Let’s take a look: 

WordCamp Asia 2023 🚀

This year, Arraytics attended WordCamp Bangkok 2023 and rocked the campaign with the then-newest WP plugins that were breaking the ceiling. Even Darrel Wilson, one of the social media influencers in the WordPress industry worldwide took a peek at our stalls showing Eventin, WPCafe

Founder of Arraytics with International Founders & Influencers in WordCamp Asia 2023
Founder of Arraytics with Sayed Balkhi (founder, WPBeginner), Darrel Wilson (WP Influencer) & Chaya Oosterbroek (COO, YOAST SEO) in WordCamp Asia 2023

Founders, developers, and marketers across many countries admired WPCafe, Eventin, and Timetics WP and the unique features they offer to the WordPress community. Our founder of Arraytics, Ehsan Riyadh, shared great moments with some of the top-shelf leaders in the industry like Sayed Balkhi (founder of WP Beginner), Darrel Wilson (#1 Leading WordPress Influencer), and of course Chaya Oosterbroek, the COO of YOAST SEO.

We were excited to show how our brainchildren work far better in the WordPress market that matches every business’s needs. And we’re successful in keeping the promise. 

Eventin: Reached First 10K+ Active Installations 🚀

This year, Eventin took the first token of achievement into the WordPress market with its first 10K Active Installations. 

As the first step to marathon victory, this landmark is our monumental achievement this year. As the fastest-growing WordPress event plugin, Eventin has been the heart of millions of successful events generated by over 10,000 businesses worldwide, including Europe. 

Eventin reached first 10K+ active installations as an achievement
Eventin reached first 10K+ active installations

But it wasn’t easy, all the teams from the Design, Development, and Marketing Departments joined hands and worked days & nights to take Eventin to the next level while streamlining events better every day. 

But that’s not the end. We can’t wait to grow more with Eventin which is directly making an impact on running WordPress events and ticketing. 

So next up: 50k+ Active Installations! 🐱‍👤

Launched 🚀

With trials and errors, and leaps and bounds, Arraytics has launched a market-leading SaaS appointment booking and scheduling solution for both online and offline businesses named

Now you can break through all the scheduling ping-pong or manual hassles, Timetics will automate your scheduling and let you manage in-person meetings, sessions, events, etc. with everything you need! 🙌

Founder of Arraytics at SaaStr APAC 2023 in Singapore
Founder of Arraytics at SaaStr APAC 2023 in Singapore

Our Founder, Ehsan Riyadh, was inspired to build in SaaStr APAC 2023, a global summit to gather 1,000+ SaaS Founders, Execs, and VCs across the world. There, Ehsan observed, understood, and realized the need for a SaaS solution to eliminate scheduling hassles in the B2B global industry, and promised to bring forth a unique 360 solution to boost service-based businesses worldwide.

So, what is Timetics? 

Timetics is an AI-powered scheduling tool that lets you create high-converting appointments + meetings + events 10x faster, and remove all the manual tasks off the board.

Here are some noteworthy features: 

✅ Create Unlimited Meetings, with multiple meeting types, and run recurring meetings on autopilot.
✅ Manage your reservations and offline events with a Multi-Style Seating Plan.
Sync all meetings and events in one Calendar, integrated with iCal, Google, and Outlook calendars.
✅ Craft appointments and meetings with your branding with White-level features.
✅ Have your custom domain and showcase your true potential.
✅ Power up your meetings + events with tons of renowned integrations.
✅ Connect with your audience easily with Google Meet + Zoom.

This game-changer with a range of unique features is set to change the way we work in our service-based business, easing all the work with scheduling and making services easier with customer satisfaction. 

✋ We Launched 🎉
Timetics WP on Product Hunt and got #3 Featured on Product of the Day!

ThemeWinter: Becoming a Power Elite Author 🚀

While working our way up with Eventin, we’ve got the news that our theme-specialized wing TrippleS has become a Power-Elite Author on ThemeForest. Starting the journey 5-years back with WordPress themes, we’ve reached the most prestigious status on ThemeForest.

Arraytics becoming Power Elite Author in 2023
Arraytics (AKA TrippleS) became a Power Elite Author on Envato in 2023

So, here’s a toast from ThemeWinter to each and every one who has been a part of the journey, with endless dedication to craft world-class themes that resonate with the community and make an impact all over the world. 

JCI Bangladesh TOYP 2023 Sponsorship 🥂

Not just making products or services and offering them to the world, Arraytics was hellbent on sponsoring and inspiring communities around WordCamp and local popular communities such as JCI Bangladesh to keep up the good work. 

And that paid off a lot! 

JCI TOYP 2023 Ten Outstanding Young Person of Bangladesh Arraytics
Founder of Arraytics, Ehsan Riyadh, received a prestigious award as a Bronze Sponsor in JCI Bangladesh TOYP 2023

JCI Communities around the country have appreciated Arraytics for having the privilege of being a sponsor in TOYP 2023, therefore making a meaningful impact on community development. We celebrated this privilege as Ehsan Riyadh, our esteemed founder holds the trophy high. 

It was such an honor! 🙌

Sylhet WordCamp 2023 🤝

This year, WordCamp has organized an electrifying event at Sylhet WordCamp 2023. Gathered by WordPress enthusiasts all over the country, the summit was a hyped event, making every minute energetic! ⚡

Our Founder, Ehsan Riyadh, made a noteworthy speech about: “Building Your Next Big WordPress Product.”

Ehsan Riyadh at WordCamp Sylhet 2023
Founder of Arraytics, Ehsan Riyadh, sharing his mind-blowing speech at WordCamp Sylhet, 2023.

That was a real-life lesson for each enthusiast as Ehsan shared deep insights about the challenges and hardships of building a WordPress product and how you should build it with simplicity, design, trials and errors, great partnership, setting up the vision, and learning from mistakes. Also, he shared things to do before launching your next big WordPress product and also, things not to do.

WordCamp Sylhet 2023 has been a hyped event so far, and Arraytics feels proud to have participated in the event to connect & grow.

WP Weekly Silver Award 🏆

When achieving goals becomes a habit, you can’t stop it. 

Arraytics continued to get more recognition as we won the WP Weekly Silver Weekly Silver Award for Eventin. For our massive contribution throughout the years to the WordPress global community with stunning WordPress plugins like Eventin, and lots of action-packed themes to increase conversion, Arraytics and ThemeWinter have been honored with this award of excellence. 

Eventin Won the WP Weekly Silver Award 2023
Eventin Won the WP Weekly Silver Award 2023

This absolute honor inspires us to go on a new height of hard work, innovation, and aiming a little higher. 

Grown Contributions and Sponsored 4 More Events 🤝

While journeying to WordCamp Sylhet 2023, our founder, Ehsan Riyadh, shared his stories, experience, tips & insights with panelist discussions.

It was a noteworthy event for every participant as Ehsan participated in sharing the need to have a crystal-clear view to contribute massively to the WordPress industry.

BITPA Conference 2023: Mug Sponsor

While blending in a diverse network in the WordPress community, the Arraytics team went up to the BITPA conference 2023 at Khulna, Bangladesh to meet developers, marketers, and founders from all over the IT industry, including WordPress, SaaS, Mobile Applications, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

Team Arraytics at BITPA Conference 2023

Arraytics joined hands as a Mug sponsor for the 2-day event, while spending great moments connecting with all the brilliant brainworkers.

Bangladesh SaaS Meetup: Silver Sponsor

On an electrifying meetup, team Arraytics ended up in one of the most electrifying events organized by pioneers of the SaaS industry in Bangladesh. There, all the founders, cofounders, developers, and marketers of all the prominent & leading SaaS companies dominating the global market.

Arraytics played an important role as a Silver Sponsor while the community came together as one, sharing knowledge and joining hands to take the industry to the next height.

Partner Sponsoring Muslim Entrepreneurs & Leadership 2023 [Presented by SovWare]

MEC aims to bring attendees to a range of options for network engagement. Additionally, it will serve as the entry point for a variety of upcoming events and activities that are listed on the roadmap.

As a partner sponsor, Arraytics partnered with the community presented by SovWare to foster innovation, growth, and collaboration among Muslim entrepreneurs & professionals.

This led Arraytics to get familiar with a thriving and supportive community of Muslim entrepreneurs and set up plans to have joint ventures in the future.

A Quick Look: A Super Teamwork at its Finest 🎭

Let’s talk about something we really appreciate doing so, taking a look back at the endless contributions we’ve made as a whole last year. The developers, support engineers, designers, and content marketers all around our company have made incredible efforts to take us where we are today.

Let’s see how their hard work paid off:

Super-Coded Contribution: Development Team 💻

This year 2023 was a maelstrom for the developers, as they have more than many projects in hand to face and complete and launch ASAP. Not just tweaks & fixes, the DEVS worked day & night to make sure there were not any backlogs in any sprints.

developers team achievement at Arraytics
Contributions by Arraytics Developers Team in 2023

While doing so, our developers have made 699 on PR merged, made 5,407 commits in total, and have successfully made over 95+ plugin releases, including 54 on Eventin, 29 on Timetics WP, and 12 on WPCafe.

Our developers have been experts in working on Agile Scrum methodology that allows them to be more effective and contribute massively to the team, and this year, their work has paid off.

Helpful, Humble, Honest: Hats off to Our Support Team ✊✋🙌

Oh, there they are!

Meet The Best There is to Assist: Our Support Team ✊✋🙌

I can’t describe enough how much powerful & intuitive our Support Team was for Arraytics the whole year.

Our support was overwhelmed with lots of issues, queries, and troubleshooting guides from all over the product ranges we had from Arraytics & ThemeWinter. But our proactive members from the support team kept 24/7 active to make sure not a single ticket went missing.

support team achievement at Arraytics
Contributions by Arraytics Support Team in 2023

They single-handedly covered all the queries as well as played a vital role in documentation, product development, and market research to bring forth the features the market wants the most.

And they nailed it!

Our support team has received the most praise in all our reviews, especially in our plugins on such as Eventin, WPCafe, and Timetics WP.

Stylish, Smooth, Secure: Shout out to the Theme Team! 💻

Now, for the people that led us to the privilege of power elite author on Envato: The Theme Developers Team.

This classical team with a stylish, smooth, and secure skillset has been making ground-breaking WordPress themes that made their way to the global markets, and thus make a name for us in the long run.

theme team achievement at Arraytics
Contributions by Arraytics Theme Developers Team in 2023

But in 2023, the team didn’t stop impressing. This year, the Theme Developers team has launched a new theme called ‘EventPlace’. It’s a WordPress plugin designed to build a multivendor event marketplace on your WordPress website.

Powered by the Eventin and Dokan Multivendor plugin, this WordPress enables you to use Drag & Drop builder and customize everything you see fit, while checking the vendor list, organizer list, venue list, event list, etc.

But what’s more? The teams continued to update all the existing themes in the market, to improve the user experience and delight the customers with the highest intent. There they are:

🔥 Eventplace💻 Cuinare🎩 Bascart
✅ Qoxag📚 Courselog📝Privsa
🚀 Turitor🎭 Instive💥 Digiqole
😎 Autrics📣 Exhibz
All the updated themes were done by the Theme developers at Arraytics in 2023.

All the WordPress themes & their updates took days & nights for the developers to implement.

And they made it happen.

Bold and Creative: Special Thanks to the Design Team 🎨

Now let’s meet the heart of our creative division: the creative team.

This creative, bold, and Stunning team of graphics and UI designers has played the biggest role in the brand identity of Arraytics and led it all the way to the global market with eye-catching visuals.

design team achievement at Arraytics 2023
Contributions by Arraytics Design Team in 2023

From every digital channel we had to all the logistics we needed to showcase ourselves; our in-house Creative Design Team has shown their worth with stunning imagery and collaborates with teams to launch & promote all our product ranges with high-level conversion.

✋ And man, are their designs so good!

This graphics and UI design team has covered over 24 projects in UI design, crafted over 8+ campaigns throughout the year (that included landing pages, email templates, social posts, etc.), and designed swags & logistics for over 6+ campaigns throughout the year.

But that doesn’t stop there, the design team has set goals to bring forth a massive change in all our product segments in 2024, to change the way the users work in WordPress plugins and SaaS products and improve the user experience to the highest peak.

Cheers to the Creative Wordsmiths: The Content Marketing Team ✍📝

Last but not least, here’s to the ones who work behind pen & paper: Our Content Marketing Team.

The wordsmiths at Arraytics moved heavens and earth to support and push our product lines to the global market and promote them on a full scale.

content marketing team achievement in 2023
Contributions by Arraytics Content Marketing Team in 2023

But that’s not all, the content marketing was hellbent on developing brand identity with each plugin, theme, and SaaS solution to make sure the products get to have a positioning in the market.

With all the challenges up front, the team has served 40+ blogs, and 10+ collaborative guest blogs, brought forth 30,000 organic impressions, and over 10,000 traffic per month.

And now, the Content Marketing team is now stepping up to the next stage in 2024 to take the branding, marketing communications on all digital channels, and both inbound & outbound marketing strategies to the next level.

Annual Retreat 🚀🚀

Enough work! Now it’s time to retreat! 

Arraytics made a long tour to Bandarban in Chittagong, the mountainside of Bangladesh, and cherished there in the winter cold. 

Arraytics Annual Retreat 2023
Team Arraytics at the Mountain Top, after all the achievements in the year-end.

It felt like unpacking all the stress and throwing it away from the mountaintop as we felt the sun shining with new hopes. We took time to refresh our spirit, reflect on all our hard work and achievements, and share our goals to plan for the year ahead. 

It was a great moment spent together. 

Buffet Meetup: Taking a Break 🍔

We paused in between all the work. 

While we were hellbent on meeting goals, we gave a treat to ourselves with a buffet meetup. All the team members, both in-house and remote, came along and shared food. It was fun, especially the food challenges we colleagues played on who can eat the most, and won the prizes. 

Buffet Meetup at Arraytics in 2023
Reliving moments together during Buffet Meetups

After all, we cheered up and discussed where we are now and where we should be for the rest of the year. The journey continued.

Recapping The Year 2023 🚀

As we look back on 2023, Arraytics has stood up as a beacon of innovation, and community support, and shaking the market with ‘never-made-before’ solutions. Each success we got is a testament to the collective dedication of our team, starting from the designers, developers, marketers, and of course our leaders ahead: and the love we got from the WordPress global community.

Here’s what we did so far in 2023: 

  • Attended WordCamp Asia 2023 🚀
  • Reached First Achievement: Eventin 10K Active Installations 📊
  • Became a Power Elite Author 💻
  • Attended Sylhet WordCamp 2023 🚀
  • Sponsored JCI Bangladesh TOYP 2023 🥂
  • Launched 🚀
  • Sponsored WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 ✈🌍
  • Took an Annual Retreat 🚌

What’s Next in 2024? 🙌

The journey doesn’t end here. In 2024, you need to brace yourselves for even more exciting developments. New products, new features, and a continued commitment to empowering your online businesses and events. If you don’t believe it, Eventin 4 is coming (don’t tell anyone)! 

In the end, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our readers, clients, and the entire WordPress community. Your support fuels our passion, and together, we’ll continue to redefine innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of WordPress, SaaS, and many more industries. 

Here’s to a phenomenal 2023 and an even brighter 2024 with Arraytics and ThemeWinter! Cheers! 🚀

Stay tuned for what lies ahead on the Arraytics horizon!

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