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Timetics Appointment Plugin is Ideally Suited For

Be it a single person, startup, team, or a legacy business, you will have both the in-house and external schedule and meeting

Coaching & Training

Health Clinic/Doctors

Hair Salons

Barber Shop

Professional Services

Beauty Salons

Tutoring & Music Lessons

Gym & Spa

And Many More...

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Everything You Need in a
Scheduling Plugin

Sky is the boundary while taking new participants in any meeting. It allows for an unlimited number of meetings to be scheduled, with no limit on the number of participants or the duration of the meetings.
Google Calender
Simplify schedule management with the most popular calendar. It allows you to easily keep your calendar in sync across all devices by linking your Google calendar account, ensuring that all your scheduled meetings and events are up-to-date.
Multiple Meeting
Add meeting types that are suitable for your business to control who hosts and attends each meeting. You can use a single host with multiple attendees, a single host with a single attendee, and multiple hosts with a single attendee.
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It allows you to manage your schedule by setting your availability status, checking your schedule, and booking meetings at convenient times. It also enables you to share your availability with others and schedule meetings quickly and easily.
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There is no need to be concerned if your company employs a large number of people. You can add an unlimited number of team members based on your requirements. Everyone will have a dedicated profile for each member’s profile.
Notification ImageAutomatic updates help the admin save time and make it easy to manage meetings and bookings. The feature allows you to send an update to the meeting attendee automatically from the TimeTics system.
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It allows the administrator to schedule bookings on behalf of other users. It provides a centralized and efficient way to manage bookings for a team or organization. You can add special customers manually from the admin panel.
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Stripe is a popular online payment processing and commerce solution for internet businesses of all sizes. You can take appointment payments using Stripe payment gateways on your website.

A Breakdown of How It Works

Know the simple steps of starting your business with simple steps.

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Create your meeting, add staff, and set availability


Review schedule, payment getaways before publish


Boom! You have done it. Ready to start making revenue

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Multiple niches, multiple problems, and we bring the solution for you. Manage your customers smartly with the innovative WordPress tools made by an experienced expert.

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Latest Integration

In order to streamline your workflow and simplify your operations, use popular apps integrated into our plugin.

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Comprehensive and user-friendly platform to easily manage

Timetice supports stripe payment getaway at this moment. We plan to integrate other payment getaways soon into the plugin.

No. At this moment, TimeTics does not support multi-site.

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