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BookingPress vs. Bookly: Which Best Appointment Plugin to Choose in 2024?


Not just consumers, convenience is king. 

For service-based businesses, offering online appointment booking is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Imagine the frustration potential clients experience if they have to call during business hours just to schedule an appointment. But with over 59,000 WordPress appointment booking plugins on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. But there’s two appointment booking plugins that dominate the market: BookingPress vs. Bookly.

Both appointment booking plugins boast impressive features and user bases, but which one reigns supreme for your specific needs?  Fear not, fellow WordPress warriors!  This in-depth comparison will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

The Power of Online Appointment Booking

A recent study shows that a whopping 72% of consumers now prefer to schedule appointments online.  This shift in behavior highlights the importance of offering a seamless online booking experience.  By integrating an appointment booking plugin, you unlock a treasure trove of benefits:

  • Increased Bookings: Studies show that online booking can lead to a 20% increase in appointment volume. Imagine the possibilities!
  • Improved Client Satisfaction: Nobody enjoys waiting on hold. Online booking empowers clients to schedule appointments at their convenience, boosting overall satisfaction.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Say goodbye to endless phone calls and back-and-forth emails. Appointment booking plugins automate the scheduling process, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what matters most – serving your clients.
  • Enhanced Organization: Gone are the days of messy appointment calendars. Booking plugins provide a centralized platform to manage your schedule, staff availability, and appointments with ease.
  • 24/7 Availability: Your website never sleeps, and neither does your online booking system. Clients can schedule appointments anytime, anywhere, even outside of your regular business hours.

Meet the Contenders: BookingPress vs. Bookly


Now that we’ve established the importance of online appointment booking, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of BookingPress and Bookly.  Both plugins offer robust features but cater to slightly different needs.

BookingPress vs. Bookly: Which Appointment Plugin to Choose in 2024?

This is where the rubber meets the road.  Let’s explore how BookingPress and Bookly handle some of the most critical appointment booking functionalities:

➕ Features

  • Appointment Scheduling: Both plugins offer flexible scheduling options, allowing you to define appointment durations, buffer times between appointments, and set availability rules. BookingPress edges slightly ahead with its recurring appointment functionality readily available in the free version, while Bookly requires an upgrade to access this feature.
  • Calendar Management: Visualize your schedule like a pro! Both plugins provide intuitive calendar interfaces for managing bookings, staff availability, and personal time off.
  • Staff Management: If you have a team, efficient staff management is crucial. BookingPress and Bookly allow you to create staff profiles, assign permissions, and manage their individual schedules.
  • Customer Management: Building strong client relationships is paramount. BookingPress and Bookly offer tools to streamline customer communication, including appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-up emails.

Here’s a short table to summarize the availability of these features in the free and paid versions of both plugins:

FeatureBookingPress (Free)BookingPress (Pro)Bookly (Free)Bookly (Pro)
Appointment SchedulingYesYesYesYes
Recurring AppointmentsYesYesNoYes
Calendar ManagementYesYesYesYes
Staff ManagementYesYesYesYes
Customer ManagementYesYesYesYes
feature table comparing the core features of BookingPress and Bookly and their PRO versions

➕ Ease of Use:

User experience is paramount.  Both BookingPress and Bookly boast user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to set up and navigate, even for WordPress beginners.  However:

  1. BookingPress might have a slight edge with its streamlined interface and intuitive workflows.
  2. Bookly has a simple calendar as it is designed as a lightweight, and compact WordPress plugin.

➕ Customization:

Want to personalize the booking experience for your brand?  Both BookingPress and Bookly offer some degree of customization.  BookingPress allows you to customize booking forms, and email notifications, and even integrate with popular marketing tools for a cohesive brand experience. Bookly offers similar customization options, but a paid upgrade might be necessary to unlock the full potential.

➕ Integrations

Both BookingPress and Bookly integrate with a variety of popular tools, streamlining your workflow and enhancing functionality. Here’s a breakdown:

  • BookingPress: Integrates seamlessly with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, and calendar apps like Google Calendar.
  • Bookly: Offers integrations with a wider range of payment gateways and marketing tools through its paid add-ons. However, some core functionalities like Google Calendar integration require a paid upgrade in Bookly, whereas BookingPress offers this in the free version.

💰 Pricing:

Cost is a major consideration.  Here’s a breakdown of the pricing structure for both plugins:

  • BookingPress: Offers a free version with core features like appointment scheduling, calendar management, and basic customer communication. For advanced features like recurring appointments, staff management functionalities, and premium integrations, their Pro version starts at a one-time fee of $79.
  • Bookly: Provides a free version with limited functionalities. To unlock features like recurring appointments, staff management, and premium integrations, Bookly offers a freemium model with paid add-ons starting at $89. However, some essential functionalities require additional paid add-ons, which can significantly increase the overall cost compared to BookingPress.

🤝 Customer Support:

Top-notch customer support is invaluable when navigating plugin complexities.  Both BookingPress and Bookly offer comprehensive support options, including documentation, tutorials, and email support. BookingPress includes one year of support in their Pro version, while Bookly only offers six months with their paid add-ons.

Customer Reviews / Testimonials:

Real user experiences can be incredibly insightful.  Here’s a glimpse into what users are saying about BookingPress and Bookly:

  • BookingPress: Users praise BookingPress’ intuitive interface, ease of use, and excellent value for money. Some reviewers highlight the limitations of the free version but find the Pro version to be a cost-effective solution with all the necessary features.
  • Bookly: Users appreciate Bookly’s extensive feature set and integration options. However, some reviewers express frustration with the freemium model and the additional cost associated with unlocking core functionalities through paid add-ons.

Choosing the Right Plugin for You: BookingPress vs. Bookly


Now that you’ve explored the strengths and limitations of BookingPress and Bookly, it’s time to make the winning choice for your business.  Consider these factors:

  • Features: Identify the functionalities that are absolutely essential for your online booking system. If recurring appointments and staff management are crucial, BookingPress might be a better fit with its free version offerings. If you require extensive integrations, Bookly might be a good option, but be prepared for potential add-on costs.
  • Budget: Free vs paid? Evaluate your budget constraints. If cost is a major concern, BookingPress’ free version offers a robust set of features, with the Pro version providing an affordable upgrade for advanced functionalities. Bookly’s freemium model can be more expensive in the long run due to the need for paid add-ons for essential features.
  • Ease of Use: Consider your technical expertise. Both plugins are user-friendly, but BookingPress might have a slight edge with its streamlined interface. If you’re a complete WordPress beginner, BookingPress could be the simpler option.

Introducing WP Timetics: A Strong Alternative


While BookingPress and Bookly are popular choices, let’s not forget about WP Timetics, the very plugin you (the reader) are here to learn about!  Developed by Arraytics, WP Timetics offers a powerful and feature-rich appointment booking solution that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website.

But why choose WP Timetics? Here are some of the key reasons:

  • All-inclusive Free Version: Unlike BookingPress and Bookly, WP Timetics packs a powerful punch in its free version, offering features like unlimited appointments, staff management, integrations with popular payment gateways and marketing tools, and even advanced functionalities like group appointments and deposit payments. This makes it a compelling option for businesses on a budget.
  • Flexible Pricing: For those seeking even more advanced features, WP Timetics offers premium add-ons at competitive prices. This allows you to scale your online booking system as your business grows.
  • Superior User Experience: WP Timetics boasts a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for both administrators and clients to navigate the booking process.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: The Arraytics team behind WP Timetics prides itself on exceptional customer support. They offer comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and a dedicated support team to assist you every step of the way.

So Who is the Winner? 🏆

We’re not trying to be biased, but Booking would be the winner anyone would go for in the first place. But that doesn’t mean BookingPress should be overlooked. It’s because both WordPress plugins offer excellent support and user experience in their own way. Our choice would be Bookly, but you can choose BookingPress only if:

  • You prioritize value for money. Their free version offers core functionalities, and the Pro version is a cost-effective upgrade for advanced features.
  • You value a simple and intuitive interface. BookingPress excels in user-friendliness.

And of course, you can choose Bookly only if:

  • You require a wider range of integrations beyond what the free versions of BookingPress or WP Timetics offer (be prepared for potential add-on costs).
  • You’re comfortable with a freemium model and willing to invest in additional functionalities through paid add-ons.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a winner is to take advantage of the free trials offered by BookingPress and WP Timetics. This allows you to experience each plugin firsthand and see which one best suits your workflow and needs.


Choosing the right appointment booking plugin for your WordPress website is a critical decision. By carefully considering your specific needs, budget, and technical expertise, you can find the perfect solution to streamline your appointment scheduling process and boost client satisfaction.

P.S. Still on the fence? WP Timetics offers a free trial, so you can experience the power and ease of use for yourself before committing.

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