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Exclusive News – Timetics WordPress Ranked 3rd in Product Hunt

Timetics WordPress Featured in Product Hunt

We just went through a big day recently. Timetics WordPress had been featured in Product Hunt! 

Yes, it happened and this was all possible because of the support all of you gave us. We are very very thankful to all of you guys who have stayed by our side through all these days and with this new achievement, we are pumped up for more!

Thank You to All The Beautiful Community Members

When Timetics WordPress appointment booking plugin first got the clearance to be in Product Hunt, the first thing we thought about was how to take it to the top. The ranking was only based on people’s upvotes. 

We know that our beloved community members will never let us down. So, we came to you, and to our surprise, in a very short period, Timetics WP got a huge boost in upvotes. Timetics WordPress ranked 3rd on the “Product of The Day” charts.

This is a great achievement for us and we cannot thank you guys enough! 

Why This Is a Big Deal for Timetics WordPress

Timetics WP profile in Product Hunt

It hasn’t been that long since Timetics WP got launched for public usage. But within this short time, being able to secure a top rank in a competitive product listing platform like Product Hunt is a great achievement.

Very few products can secure such a high rank rapidly after the launch but Timetics WordPress booking plugin has achieved that. This is all thanks to you guys.

We Are Now Pumped Up For More

Achievements like these are what keep us going. We are now more excited to continue adding exceptional new features in Timetics WordPress and make it the favorite plugin for all of you. 

We already have plenty of great features in our pipeline and we hope that you guys share your valuable ideas with us in the Timetics WordPress roadmap as well. It will become easy for us to understand what you want from this plugin and how we can deliver them.

Recent Exclusive Features of Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin

As we’ve mentioned before, Timetics WP has a lot of outstanding features in store for you. In a very short time, we have released 9 exclusive features on Timetics. The features are – 

Visual Seat Map (2nd Phase)

visual seat plan in Timetics WP

With the help of the Visual Seat Map features, you can create seating arrangements for your venue and allow your customers to reserve seats from your website. This can be done on any sort of business. Whether it is a movie theatre or a restaurant, Timetics’ Visual Seat Map feature can help everyone.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration in Timetics WP

WooCommerce is quite popular in the WordPress industry for its exceptional services. This is why we won’t sit back. You guys asked for it and we will deliver it sooner than you might expect. 

Pabbly Integration

pabbly integration with Timetics WP

Pabbly is also a known face in the WordPress plugin industry. It is an internet solution for integrating services and automating various programs with your website so that data can move between them without interruption.

If you are a Pabbly user yourself, then buckle up for this amazing integration.

Zappier Integration

Zapier integration with Timetics WP

Zappier, an online platform that can automate your workflow with the utmost efficiency, will be in Timetics WP very soon. With Zappier, you can connect multiple apps. After one app’s task is complete, the next one will be automatically triggered and opened for you. 

That’s how powerful Zapier as a tool is! This integration will be released very soon.

Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration with Timetics WP

We know that a lot of you guys prefer Zoom over Google Meet. That’s why we have decided to integrate Zoom into Timetics WordPress as well. You can use almost all of Zoom’s features from Timetics. The update will be released very soon. 

Customizable Booking Form

customizable booking form in Timetics WP

Choosing your clients wisely is an important part of your business. Business is something you should enjoy doing it. To help you to choose clients wisely, we will add this feature to Timetics WP in a short while. 

With it, you will be able to add custom fields in the booking form. In those custom fields, you can ask more questions to know your clients beforehand and take preparation for it. 

FluentCRM Integration

fluentCRM integration with Timetics WP

Email Marketing is essential no matter what business anyone runs and since we know that, we integrated FluentCRM right away. With this Integration, users can easily run their Email Marketing tasks smoothly. 

iCal Integration

iCal integration with Timetics WP

iCal is known for its top-tier UI/UX. So, alongside Google Calendar, we have integrated iCal with Timetics WordPress so that you don’t have to switch to different calendar apps.

Outlook Calendar Integration

outlook integration with Timetics WP

We believe that giving users the flexibility they desire is the best way to go. So, in case anyone is not into iCal or Google Calendar, we have integrated Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Timetics WP as well. 


To sum things up, we are eternally thankful to all of you who have helped us to achieve so many things. As a token of gratitude, we are working hard to provide you with better features to make your life easier.

N.B.: The 60% early bird discount on Timetics WordPress won’t be there for too long. The clock is ticking! To get all these exciting features at a cheap price, hurry up, and grab Timetics WP now!!

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