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Exciting News – Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin Landed With 4 New Exclusive Features

Timetics WordPress is here again with four new exclusive features! We are not too far away from turning it into a more advanced appointment booking plugin for WordPress and for you.

A lot of you guys have been pinging us on our roadmap for these new features and these four features had been flooded by your upvotes.

This is why we have decided to implement them as soon as possible and finally, we have released Timetics WP and Timetics Pro with these features

Timetics WordPress Just Received 4 New Exciting Features

The newly added features are – Paypal Integration, Rescheduling Appointments, Calendar Localization, and Single Meeting Preview Page. With these new features, using this appointment booking plugin will be much easier than ever.

Here, we will take a close look at what the new features are, what you should expect from these features, and how they will benefit you. 

Paypal Integration

PayPal Integration Timetics

We have received tons of upvotes on our roadmap for the PayPal integration with Timetics WordPress booking plugin. Now, from this new release, you can receive payments through PayPal. So now, you will have more than three options for payment on your website.

Reschedule Appointment

reschedule appointment Timetics

There are times when we have to reschedule a meeting because of unavoidable circumstances. We understand your pain point and that is why we have added this feature as soon as we could. 

Calendar localization

calendar locatization Timetics

You can now customize your meeting calendar with any language you like. Just select the language you prefer, and the whole calendar will be in that specific language. No matter how many times you like it, it can be changed.

Single Meeting Preview Page (Frontend)

This is a simple yet special feature. Whenever you create a meeting, you will be able to see a quick preview of how the meeting page will look on the front end. This will help you to check if there is anything to fix or not and your meetings will go smoothly like butter.

From now on, you can reschedule any appointment according to your preferred time!

You can learn about how all of these features work in our documentations. There, you’ll get step-by-step guide on all these features.

A Feature Got an Improvement

We are continuously improving the features to make the plugin more reliable to you guys. Whenever we see a scope for improvement, we get to work on it right away. In this new release, we have improved a very important feature. 

Manual Booking From Admin

Until this day, Admins could create bookings manually only for One-to-One meetings. Now, it can be done both for One-to-Many and One-to-Many meetings with seat maps. This just made the plugin more versatile than ever.


Timetics WP Free v1.0.6 

New: Show meeting for booking in single page application

New: Reschedule Appointment

Tweak: Calendar Localization

Tweak: Accordion, tab, icon, shortcode page design updated 

Fix: Couldn’t send email booking notification to the customer

Fix: Timeslot not being available when booking canceled

Fix: One-to-Many meetings and meetings with Seatmap from admin couldn’t book properly

Timetics WP Pro v1.0.4

New: Paypal Integration

Fix: Seat map not available when booking cancel


In short, We have been adding lots of features in each release and this time we did no exception to that. We are continuously working on making Timetics WP the perfect appointment booking plugin for you. If you have some great feature ideas that can take the plugin to the next level, share them on the Timetics WP Roadmap

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So hurry up and grab the deal now! 

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