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Hot News – Arraytics Summer Sale 2023 is Here

arraytics summer sale 2023 feature image

In this scorching summer heat, Arraytics has brought you the Summer Sale 2023 like a soft breeze of the autumn! 

Yes, you’ve read it right. The deal is live now and Timetics WordPress is up for grabs at a very cheap price. You will be getting a chilling 35% discount on Timetics WP. 

But there’s more. Without further ado, let’s get into the details, shall we?

Summer Sale Deal Summary:

The campaign is live on the Arraytics Deals.

We are offering a sweet 35% discount on Timetics WordPress Plugin. This deal will be live till 30th June 2023

So, if you don’t want to miss this amazing chance to get your hands on Timetics WP at a much cheaper price, get it now.

Why Timetics WordPress Summer Sale Is The Best Choice For You:

Timetics WordPress deal in arraytics summer sale 2023

In a very short time, Timetics has received a lot of great feature updates and continues to receive amazing features. Timetics WP is quickly becoming more and more advanced as an appointment booking plugin for WordPress. The recent major Timetics WP features are – 

🔥 PayPal Integration

With PayPal integration, you can receive appointment fees or payments using PayPal payment gateways on your website. Almost everyone knows how popular PayPal is on the internet.

🔥 Reschedule Appointment

With this new feature, you get to reschedule your appointments & meetings at any time, anywhere. Your staff or customers won’t have to go through a series of calls, instead, they can reschedule appointments, especially you as an admin. 

🔥 Customizable Booking Form

Now You can build different, custom-made booking forms for different niches and audiences with Customizable booking forms. That will help you to connect & meet your audience with a great user experience. 

🔥 FluentCRM Integration

FluentCRM makes it even better by automating your marketing communications with clients before & after they have booked an appointment or a meeting with you. 

That saves a lot of time while your staff doesn’t have to hassle with making phone calls, sending confirmation emails, daily poking customers with reminder emails, giving follow-up emails after your attendees disappear, and giving hundreds of calls to reschedule meetings again.  

….Because nobody likes to do this exhausting stuff!

🔥 iCal Integration

While making appointments, you can switch to using iCal integration if you don’t like using Google Calendars. 

🔥 Outlook Calendar Integration

And For even better, Timetics WP also has Outlook Calendar integration to help ease your automation of appointments. 

🔥 Zoom Integration

Now comes the most-exciting integration of all: Zoom Meetings

Zoom integration with Timetics WordPress booking plugin allows you to host business meetings straight from your website. Just as your clients and visitors can access the invitation link directly from your WordPress website when they schedule an appointment, you can create and share Zoom sessions, meetings, or webinars with them.

🔥 Pabbly Integration

Now we got Pabbly integrated with Timetics WordPress booking plugin! 

You can switch & automate multiple software on your website and integrate each service to transfer your data smoothly & seamlessly. You can even collect data from booking forms and use them with other software for more marketing work.

🔥 Zapier Integration

And if you don’t want Pabbly, we got Zapier in the house! 

Now you can get the best workflow automation tools that connect multiple applications and sync your data across all of them. That opens more doors to save more time and you can rely on zero errors!

🔥 WooCommerce Integration

Now here’s the final one: WooCommerce Integration

Installing WooCommerce with Timetics WP allows you to use multiple payment methods on your WooCommerce-based website, giving your clients multiple options to pay your fees or bills without asking for them. 

So, these are pretty much everything you need to automate & grow your booking management 10x faster within the first week!

Here’s Another Special Offer!

Timetics WP eventin cross sale summer sale 2023

If you are an event manager and spend time organizing events—then this Special Offer is for you. 

Eventin has integrated with Timetics WP Pro, giving you the ‘Visual Seat Plan Feature’ so you can create, automate, manage, and sell your events like clockwork—with exclusive features like Unlimited Seat Maps, Multiple Ticket Tiers, Drawing Floor Plans, etc.

And that’s where our Special Offer does the magic! 

If you have bought Timetics Pro or are a regular Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin Pro user, you’ll get a FLAT 50% OFF on purchasing Eventin

All you have to do is: 

✅ Head over to the Arraytics Summer Deals 
✅ Click on the Live Chat icon 
✅ Ask for the Coupon Code for the Eventin 50% OFF

And there you go! One of our customer support members is already there, ready to give support any time you show up.


This Summer of 2023 will be bliss! 

Because Arraytics has brought deals that will help you automate & grow your business and events with both Timetics WP and Eventin WP—without breaking the bank. 

Long story short, you can grab Timetics WordPress booking plugin at a 35% Discount. But if you have bought Timetics WP already, you can get Eventin at a whopping 50% Discount

So, what are you waiting for?

Hop in on the Surfing board and get ‘Arraytics Summer Deals’ at a ridiculously cheaper price! 

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