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9+ ‘Super-Easy’ Ways to Boost WordPress Online Tutoring Business with Timetics WP

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“According to recent statistics, the online tutoring market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12% between 2021 and 2026.” says, Tutor Chacha in their article.

Because of this high demand, WordPress online tutoring businesses are growing fast, and new tutoring businesses are joining the market every day. However, this is a competitive place, as people come online for the most convenient learning experience.

So, if you are planning to switch online with your tutoring service or thinking of opening an online tutoring website, you must start with a learner-friendly responsive website and ensure the most advanced service to grow a fanbase. An easy and prospective solution is, to start with a WordPress tutoring website.

To say the least and point out the best, WordPress websites make the whole process easy for both ends. It will help you create and manage online courses easily and keep the students updated and satisfied.

For a WordPress online tutoring business, it is extremely important to maintain proper communication with your learners. The right WordPress booking plugin can do this and provide you with many more features and integrations to create and manage courses.

Timetics WP is one such WordPress booking plugin with which you can:

  • manage a proper profile
  • create and manage staff profiles
  • create booking categories
  • let the learners make booking
  • let your students access updated booking information
  • handle overall payment
  • manage customer relationships

With this booking plugin installed, on your WordPress tutoring website, you don’t need to think of adding other tools and plugins for your online tutoring website.

What is Timetics WP and How It Works for WordPress Online Tutoring Business

Timetics WP will serve you as a complete and automated WordPress booking plugin, and tutoring solution for creating and managing online courses, working on its own, 24/7. 

With this plugin, you do not need to do much from your end for creating and managing courses; just go through some basic settings, add information accordingly, and edit them at your convenience for the WordPress Online Tutoring Business.

The booking plugin has created organized and user-friendly forms to fill in the details to show instructors, schedules, and the status of offered online courses and customer directories.  

Before choosing a specific plugin, you need to know what you exactly need and how it can solve your problems. So, let’s see how Timetics WP can help you with booking, creating, and managing courses, and other concerns for your WordPress online tutoring business, beyond the basics.

9+ Ways How Timetics WP Can Boost Your WordPress Online Tutoring Business

Timetics WordPress is one of the most sophisticated appointment booking plugins of this time. This plugin can work as an integrated system for WordPress-based online tutoring businesses. Let’s see how Timetics WP can manage bookings, staff, meetings, payments, and even business analytics for your WordPress-based online tutoring system.

Booking Management

Timetics WordPress bookings list screenshot

Timetics is a very advanced WordPress booking plugin which efficiently manages booking and scheduling appointments.

Timetics WP gives you a perfectly sorted form to add dates, times, meeting types, duration, customer details, meeting status, and meeting details. Your subscribers will also get all this info in one page, which means, zero hassles.

An organized front view is always very important for keeping your customers interested. Timetics WP will organize all data perfectly for scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation of any pre-booked meeting for a WordPress tutoring website.

Timetics WP provides a very user-friendly experience. The users can see all the schedules and updated booking status in one place, no need to switch from one tab to the other. Neither do they need to sit with a pen and paper to avoid clashes. Updated status saves you from customer disappointment. 

Let’s say, an online class has been canceled or rescheduled by the instructor,  the students will be notified immediately. 

Besides making it easy for the viewers, it also has a customer’s profile form; from where you get to see all the customers’ data and details in a properly arranged order in one page for your WordPress tutoring website.

Google Meet and Zoom Integration

Besides helping you with creating and managing courses, timetics WP will let you take classes with its Google Meet Integration for your WordPress online tutoring business.

Google Meet is a common service for meetings and is popular for its great features. Instructors can take classes using virtual whiteboards or by sharing their screens. It will serve your WordPress online tutoring business as a virtual participatory system.

Students can share their thoughts and get engaged in a discussion through the chat section, ask questions without interrupting the lecture, and write their opinions in the chat box on Google Meet.

Students’ presentations can also be done with this Integration by sharing their screens. Google Meet offers everything, so a user does not have to go anywhere else or subscribe to another service for taking online classes for a WordPress-based online tutoring business.

To add this integration with Timetics WP plugin, check the documentation.

Timetics WP also has the Zoom Meeting Integration. With this, you can do all the things that Google Meet does. Besides, you can record a session with its free version. This option isn’t available with the free version of Google Meet. The booking management plugin lets you choose integrations for WordPress based online tutoring businesses according to priority.

To get Zoom Meeting Integration with your booking plugin, check the documentation.

Staff Members’ Profile with Details

Timetics WordPress team members list screenshot

Staff members’ profile is another feature of Timetics WP to make your WordPress online tutoring business attractive and your connection with students and guardians simpler. 

Here, from your side, you can add as many staff as you want, without thinking of extra payment issues. All you need to do is, choose “add new”, fill in the forms with the necessary details, and activate the profile.

Once activated, as a host you can send invitations to your staff to add them to the portal. They can customize their profile from now on.

A pro tip, organize it by following the customer’s feedback, and thus, make the best use of Timetics WP to grow your WordPress online tutoring business like magic. 

Business Analytics

Customer feedback and reviews are an essential part of any business. Timetics WordPress calculates the analytics for your WordPress online tutoring business.

Timetics WordPress will give you an overview of which course is being taken by more people, which instructors have high demand, etc. on your WordPress tutoring website.

And thus, Timetics WP is saving you from the big headache of doing all the complicated calculations for your WordPress online tutoring business.

Go Pro with Versatile Meeting Types

Timetics WordPress multiple meeting types screenshot

This feature literally opens so many doors for your WordPress online tutoring business, your staff, and your subscribers. 

A student can have a preferable choice for doing a class with others in a classroom-type environment or take a one-to-one session according to their priority from your WordPress tutoring website.

Timetics’ one-to-many (PRO) option will let you take regular classes. While the one-to-one feature can be used for consultations or interviews and the special needs of students. It may become a significant feature for certificate-based online courses for your WordPress online tutoring business.

Stripe Payment Integration

Stripe is a payment system that lets you add any international payment system while Timetics WP gives you the option to choose your convenient currency to make payment for online courses.

Besides Stripe, a local payment mode is also available on this booking management plugin.

With Timetics WordPress booking plugin, you can handle all payments of your WordPress online tutoring business as conveniently as ever possible.

See here, how you can install Stripe payment integration with the Timetics WP booking plugin. If you want to use local payment system, then check this.

PayPal Integration

Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin offers PayPal Integration with its pro version. This lets your students most convenient. This payment system supports a wide variety of payment methods; like debit cards, credit cards; and both international and local payment methods.

Follow these steps to add this payment system to your plugin.

Email Notifications and Google Calendar Integration

Staying up to date and keeping the subscribers up to date is mandatory to flourish a WordPress-based online tutoring business. This booking plugin will let your staff and subscribers stay 24/7 updated with Email notifications and Google Calendar Integration.

Because of being synced with Google Calendar, nobody has to worry about missing anything. On the other hand, email notification will give the learners immediate updates about any changes in schedules, or new features.

Thus, Timetics WP saves your WordPress online tutoring business from any customer dissatisfaction caused by miscommunication.

Availability and Convenience 

Availability and convenience come hand in hand when you or the staff will be listed according to their availability. So that, the person viewing from the frontend would know the possible options to set an appointment.

This feature will be a special help if you have a consultation service for offered courses on your WordPress tutoring website. The learners can decide to have a one-to-one meeting for course review or problem-solving.

This will automatically get your WordPress online tutoring business good reviews and ratings.

Bookings through Call

There’s a possibility of having customers, who want to communicate directly, over a phone call, to learn more about your offered courses or the system of your WordPress online tutoring business. Timetics WordPress makes it easy for them with this feature. This will also help in clarifying any confusion.

Once your students call you to book a class or session manually, you have to make the booking from the admin panel.

Above everything, this feature will save you from anyone losing interest in your WordPress tutoring website just because of not being able to communicate properly. 

Get your own timeline

Timetics WP lets you set your own date and time format. You can also choose when the week starts and when it ends for your WordPress online tutoring business. Just set the calendar accordingly.


CRM is mandatory for any WordPress online tutoring business.

Timetics WordPress offers FluentCRM integration, with its pro version, for email campaigns and lead generation. It will serve WordPress your online tutoring website by assisting in sales.

This CRM can help your WordPress online tutoring business by:

  • Sending informative email updates about the course to potential customers;
  • Updating ex-users about new courses
  • Analyzing customer behaviors to improve your WordPress online tutoring business

Check the documentation to install this integration with Timetics WP in easy steps.


Looks like this booking plugin is doing all your work by organizing your WordPress online tutoring business exactly the way you want to. If you haven’t already checked the features, let’s take a glance.

So, now, if you think all these features and options make Timetics WP a perfect WordPress Plugin for your WordPress online tutoring business, then you can check our pricing plan:

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