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10 [+1] Effective Tips on How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency Business with Timetics

Do you realize that businesses of all kinds pay a lot of money to digital marketing organizations to handle their marketing? This is not the end of the story. 

According to research done by Oberlo, the business owners plan to invest $626.86 billion in digital marketing by 2023. Experts predict that it will be $835.82 billion by 2026. 

So, it’s a wonderful time for starting a digital marketing agency and earn money.

The barrier to entering this industry was massive 25 years ago. However, you can now simply begin with WordPress. 

In this blog, we’re going to show you how to start a digital marketing agency with all the details you might need. 

By the end of the blog, you’ll have one bonus tip on marketing too. So, let’s dive into the world of digital marketing first and explore what it’s all about.

All About A Digital Marketing Agency Business

All About A Digital Marketing Agency Business

A digital marketing agency is a special type of company that helps other businesses promote themselves and reach more customers on the Internet. 

Instead of traditional ads like billboards or TV commercials, they use the power of the internet to spread the word about products and services.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do

A digital marketing agency business is a type of online business that focuses on digital services. The term digital marketing is broad. You can start your business as a-

  • Web design agency
  • SEO Company
  • Online advertising company
  • Facebook ad agency
  • Content writing services
  • Consulting services
  • Social media marketing business
  • Logo design or designer work
  • App Developer

For a digital marketing agency business, you’ll need talented people who are experts in different areas of online marketing. Together, you can manage social media accounts and post interesting stuff for businesses.

Your goal would be to create mind-blowing websites that look great and make it easy for customers to find what they need. 

Also, while starting a digital marketing agency, you’ll need secret tricks called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help businesses show up higher on Google and other search engines. Your agency should come up with effective blog posts, videos, and pictures that grab people’s attention and make them want to know more. 

And sometimes, you need to run ads on platforms like Google or Facebook to make sure lots of people see the business and its products.

Who Should Start A Digital Marketing Agency Business

Who Should Start A Digital Marketing Agency Business

Starting a digital marketing agency is an exciting venture. Even if you don’t have any prior experience or want to run it from home. You can start a digital marketing agency business if you are one of these:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you have a passion for marketing, love working with technology, and dream of running your own business, starting a digital marketing agency is a perfect fit for you. If you don’t have prior experience, you can learn as you go and grow your skills along the way. Starting a digital marketing agency with no experience is very common nowadays.
  • Marketing Enthusiasts: If you enjoy exploring social media, creating content, and coming up with creative ideas to promote products or services, a digital marketing agency can be an excellent platform to turn your passion into a profession.
  • Work-from-Home Warriors: Starting a digital marketing agency from home is a fantastic option for those who prefer a flexible work environment and want to balance their work and personal life. You can create a home office, manage projects online, and collaborate with clients from the comfort of your own space.
  • Tech-Savvy Individuals: If you’re tech-savvy and enjoy using various digital tools and software, you already have an advantage in the digital marketing world. Utilizing your technical skills can help you provide top-notch services to your clients.
  • Freelancers Looking to Expand: If you’re already working as a freelancer in fields like graphic design, content writing, web development, or social media management, starting a digital marketing agency can be a natural progression to expand your services and take on more significant projects.
  • Students and Graduates: Even if you are a young student or a recent graduate who is interested in marketing and wants to gain practical experience, you can start a digital marketing agency. It will allow you to apply the knowledge and develop your skills while offering services to actual clients.
  • Stay-at-Home Parents: If you are one of the parents who need a flexible work option that fits your family schedule, it is also possible. Learn about how to start a marketing business from home. It is an ideal way to pursue a career while taking care of your children.
  • Love to Play with Data: Digital marketing is all about data. If you have a passion for data analysis and enjoy diving into numbers to uncover valuable insights, starting a digital marketing agency business is the perfect fit for you. 

Now, it’s time to know how to start a digital marketing agency. Let’s start with the basic requirements that you’re going to meet-

Requirements To Start A Digital Marketing Agency

Here are the basic 14 requirements for starting a digital marketing agency – business plan & documents. These are-

1. Business PlanOutline agency mission, goals, services, marketing strategy, etc.
2. Market ResearchIdentify target market, client needs, and competition.
3. Legal StructureChoose a business entity type and register the agency.
4. Branding and IdentityCreate a professional brand name, logo, and website.
5. Services OfferedDecide on the digital marketing services you want to provide.
6. Pricing and PackagesThe set pricing structure for different services/packages.
7. Financial ManagementEstablish a business bank account and financial tracking.
8. Contracts and AgreementsDraft clear and binding contracts for client projects.
9. Professional PortfolioShowcase previous work and successful campaigns.
10. Website and Online PresenceCreate a professional website and utilize social media.
11. Marketing and Lead GenerationDevelop strategies to attract clients and generate leads.
12. Team and PartnershipsDecide on a team or collaboration with freelancers.
13. Client Management SystemImplement a system to track projects and communications.
14. InsuranceConsider business insurance for protection against risks.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency Business with Timetics

how to start a digital marketing agency business with Timetics

Timetics is an Ai-Powered Booking Management WordPress Plugin. It is extremely user-friendly and had been featured on Product Hunt. Timetics can help you in starting a digital marketing agency even if you have no prior experience in managing a business!

You can use Timetics for a variety of settings, such as private medical clinics, training centers, parlors, or any type of business that requires appointments. 

So, if you are starting a digital marketing agency, you can use Timetics both for operating your own business as well as providing different services to others’ businesses. 

Here are 10+1 bonus tips on starting a digital marketing agency with Timetics. These will lead your way to starting and operating a successful digital marketing agency with the help of Timetics!

#1 Make a Digital Marketing Agency Business Website

Make a Digital Marketing Agency Business Website

When you have set your mind about your services, the first thing you need to do is to build a website. Your website is the face of your agency, you need to create a professional and engaging online presence

So, select a domain name that reflects your agency’s name or services. Then find a reliable web hosting service that suits your needs and budget. 

#2 Install WordPress And Design Your Business Website

You can choose WordPress for your website. WordPress is a user-friendly platform allowing you to easily create and manage your website. To utilize WordPress features for your business-

  • Install WordPress: Most web hosting services offer a one-click WordPress installation. Follow the instructions provided by your hosting provider. After installing, you have to install a website builder plugin like Elementor to edit your website. Timetics is compatible with Elementor. 
  • Choose a Theme: Select a professional theme that goes with your agency’s branding and services. You can choose any of the WordPress themes to make your website work faster. Timetics is compatible with any WordPress theme. 
  • Customize Your Website: Use WordPress’s built-in customization options to add your logo, change colors, and create a visually appealing layout.
  • Install Timetics: Download Timetics for your site available on WordPress. To grow a business, constant communication is a must. You can use Timetics for a full booking and scheduling package. 

If you need to know how to install Timetics, you can check out “Timetics Documentation” to get a step-by-step guide. 

#3 Ensure Staff Member Availability

Ensure Staff Member Availability

So, now you have a website for your company. But still not ready for starting a digital marketing agency. However, the next thing you’re going to need is to make sure your team members are available. 

Through Timetics, You can-

  • Manage your team members efficiently
  • Add as many staff members as you need and reduce onboarding hassles 
  • Welcome new members of your team
  • Send an invitation email to your staff members to start their journey with you
  • Overwrite the availability schedule and choose when you won’t be available.

Your staff members can create their custom availability routine. If any team member can’t be at the office, he or she can continue their virtual meetings with Google Meet or Zoom using their personal Gmail. 

Also, for everyday meetings with your team members, you can take advantage of Timetics’ Recurring Appointments. You can set your everyday meeting schedule in advance rather than typing in them every day. Here is the documentation of how you can do this. 

Timetics makes team member management easier for you all the way. 

#4 Structure Your Business And Start Planning 

Structure Your Business And Start Planning 

A well-structured business plan is the key to the success of your agency. You’ll need to- 

  • Clarify your agency’s purpose and the impact you want to make in the digital marketing world. 
  • Identify your target market. Determine the types of clients and industries you want to serve. 
  • Decide on the legal structure of your agency (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.). 

And for all these operational works you’ll need to schedule a lot of meetings with your team members and stakeholders. 

Here comes Timestics to save your day. With Timetics, you can create as many meetings as you need without any constraints. 

#5 Operate Your Digital Marketing Agency Business

Operate Your Digital Marketing Agency Business

The main focus of your operation should be attracting potential clients. You can apply different marketing strategies to attract your clients. For this, you should utilize social media, networking, and referrals. 

Once you get clients, you can provide unlimited services to them with the help of Timetics. 

Your customers/clients can book for themselves using Timetics whenever they need. You can even customize the booking form and add your preferred custom fields for special clients. 

Again, Timetics provides Pably and Zappier integration. You can use Pabbly to gather data from your appointment booking forms for usage in other applications. 

Through Zappier, you can link the apps and services you use for automation. You can get information from automated registration forms submitted via Zapier webhook.

Pably and Zappier integration can help you automate your business operations and save you time. 

Also, you can enjoy Timetics’ data analytics feature. It will bring all the necessary data and graphs in front of you so that you can understand how the business is going on.

#6 Endless Communication In Every Situation

Endless Communication In Every Situation

Suppose, you are on vacation. But there’s important work that you need to do right now. Let Timetics help you with that. Timetics can convert the time according to the current time in your time zone. You can schedule meetings at your convenience.

You can also block the holiday and availability at a specific time. If you need to work from home, Timetics can be there to help you to attend the meetings online.

With Timetics, you can now send WhatsApp SMS to your clients for upcoming meetings or events. Or if the meetings got canceled and you need to let your clients know about it. 

This WhatsApp SMS feature will help you build uninterrupted communication with your clients and help your digital marketing agency business grow. To use this feature, the process is very easy. Check it out here

Not only WhatsApp, but you can also send automatic email notifications before or after the meeting. There are so many email templates out there. You can check these templates.

But don’t worry. All your schedules will be integrated with your Apple, Outlook, Zoom, iCal, Google Calendar, and Meet. And you’ll have the history of all schedules that you made.

#7 Safe Online Payments and Invoicing

Safe Online Payments and Invoicing

At this stage, you have a company, an operational website with team members, and projects ongoing. But your payment system is not safe. Or, your client might need a safe online system with a booking and scheduling service. What to do?

Don’t worry, there is Timetics. Timetics supports online payment integration. It allows your clients to make secure payments for services directly through the booking system. You will be able to take appointment payments using PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.

Timetics also generates automated invoices, making the billing process seamless and hassle-free. You can also customize the forms as per your client. Thus, have safe online transactions for you and your clients.

#8 Proposals, Digital Contracts, And Workflow Of Your Business

In starting a digital marketing agency, you must create detailed proposals outlining the scope of work, deliverables, timeline, and cost for each project. 

You’ll need to draft contracts that protect both you and your clients. You should include payment terms, project milestones, and legal clauses. With the help of Timetics, you can accept appointment payments and keep the invoices after using payment gateways.

Last but not least, establish a systematic workflow for project execution, communication, and client feedback. And who can better do this better than Timetics? 

Communicate and get feedback on time by scheduling a meeting or booking a meeting place with your clients. Say no to any miscommunication from your end! 

#9 Integrate Ai To Boost Sales

Integrate Ai To Boost Sales

Would you believe if we say Timetics can even provide you with Ai integration services? Yes, you heard it right. 

Once you are done with implementing all the tricks and tactics to grow and run your business, now’s the time for sales generating. 

Through Timetics, your meetings will be recommended to customers according to their booking history

Customers are likely to get interested in the recommendations they see constantly. This will entice your consumers to plan more appointments, resulting in rapid growth for your company.

#10 Avoid Scams

Prevention is always better than cure. Before accepting projects, research your potential clients to ensure they are legitimate businesses. 

You should use secure payment methods to protect yourself from payment scams. And having transactions with the help of Timetics keeps your transaction safer than any other channel! 
If you need assistance, the Timetics customer success team is there for you every business day. Contact Timetics by email, live chat, or within the app. Use the knowledge source to find quick solutions.

#Bonus Marketing Tips

Bonus Marketing Tips

If you have followed the above tips on how to start a digital marketing agency business and do no marketing of your business, no one’s going to notice you. Here is what you can do-

  • Publish valuable content on your website and social media to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients.
  • You can utilize social media platforms to connect with your audience and share updates about your agency and services. 
  • You can attend industry events and join online communities to build connections and partnerships. 
  • Help your client to arrange any event, and create numerous visual seat plans to represent their sessions and business.
  • You can also showcase success stories and testimonials from satisfied clients to build trust with potential clients. This is a great marketing hack. Try it!

For all these, you’ll need a well-established CRM for your company. With the FluentCRM Integration feature of Timetics, you can run your CRM operations in the smoothest way possible. 

You can get customer information such as names, emails, and phone numbers directly into FluentCRM. Your everyday marketing tasks can be automated with FluentCRM Integration into Timetics.

See, Timetics is there for you so that you can start a digital marketing agency business easily. It can do almost everything to assist you. Be organized from the beginning and you’ll see the results. 

Final Words

We hope by now you have a complete understanding of how to start a digital marketing agency. And that too with the help of Timetics-easy and organized. 

As you are aware, “talent without perseverance is a barren bed.” So, starting a digital marketing agency requires considerable effort, finish multiple projects, and stand out. 

Timetics is your lifesaver in this challenging endeavor. Get Timetics for easy scheduling and booking with and for your clients. Expand your digital marketing agency and assist others in achieving their marketing goals.


Can I start my digital marketing agency?

Yes, you can. Starting a digital marketing agency needs ongoing learning, an emphasis on word-of-mouth advertising in your targeted industries, the establishment of clear business objectives, and the development of solid client connections. And with Timetics, you can be connected with your clients through online or in-person meetings.

Is it profitable to start a digital marketing agency?

Yes, it is profitable to start a digital marketing agency. Digital marketing agencies are in high demand, and there are endless prospects in this industry. High-paying clients are constantly available, and digital marketing organizations are expanding at an extraordinary rate.

Can you start a digital marketing agency without experience?

Yes, it is possible to start a digital marketing agency without prior experience. But you need major preparation and commitment. You have to know about many digital marketing channels and the tactics to be successful. Additionally, you’ll need to learn how to use a variety of web tools.

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