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Introducing Timetics Pro: Your Advance WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

As we all are aware Timetics WordPress booking plugin released its ‘beta version’ a few months ago and we’re truly overwhelmed to endure the remarkable response from you guys! 

Now here we are back again with the Pro version of the advanced WordPress appointment booking plugin, Timetics Pro! With Timetics WP Pro we have added some of the most intuitive, yet advanced features, which will not only give you ease in booking appointments but also will boost your business! 

This blog is dedicated to Timetics WP Pro’s current features, what you might expect from it in the coming days, and why it is the one for you.

Why You Should Use a Pro WordPress Booking Plugin?

According to a study done by Zippia 40% of appointments are booked after business hours. 

So, what should you do? Keep your business 24X7X365? 

Of course not!! 

Using a good appointment booking WordPress plugin will help you to grab those customers and increase your revenue. Being able to book appointments/meetings with you or your business whenever your potential customer wants will also push you to the top of the popularity poll in your industry.

Another study shows that businesses can gain an average revenue increase of up to 27% when they use any online booking system.

There are a lot of appointment booking plugins out there right now for you to use but being able to use a Pro level plugin that allows you to automate your booking operations will help you grow your business more.  

Why Choosing Timetics WP Pro, the Ultimate WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin, should be the best decision for you? Let’s look at the reasons.

More Flexible Booking Algorithm

It is true that using a free plugin feels comfortable in the first place, but once you accrue more customers and your business’ pace gets better a free plugin won’t offer you much for that.

With a Pro appointment booking plugin, you won’t be limited to a handful of options and features. Timetics WordPress Pro comes with multiple integrations which will help you run your business at a swift pace.

More Convenient Appointment Features

The best thing about a Pro plugin is that it has features that stand out. 

A Pro plugin has such features that you never thought that you needed but after using those features you can’t live without them.

This is because it brings convenience to your workflow. You might be very used to the extra hassles you have to go through while using a free plugin but whenever you are given the chance to skip some of the options and get right into business, you will always want that feature.

Get Better Customer Support

This is the biggest privilege of using a Pro plugin. No matter when and how you get stuck in a problem with the product, you will have access to customer support no matter which part of the world you are from. 

In fact, in some cases, the developers will come to your rescue if you need immediate fixing. 


Free plugins have plenty of limitations. You can use it comfortably if you are running a new business or if you have only a small amount of staff or have few customers. 

If your business is growing fast, a free plugin won’t be enough. You need something that can be scalable. If you start to get more customers than before, the plugin should be able to handle the load. This is only possible with a Pro plugin.

Timetics WP Pro: The Swiftest WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin


Timetics WP Pro is the WordPress booking plugin that will change how you run your business forever. You already had a lot of great features in Timetics but in Timetics WP Pro, you will get a lot more than you could imagine.

Timetics Pro has all the features of Timetics Free. The unique features you will get in Timetics Pro are – 

One-to-Many Meeting Type


In Timetics WP, you could only do One-to-One meetings. But with Timetics WP Pro, you can now arrange One-to-Many meetings where there can be only a single host and multiple meeting attendees. 

If you arrange concerts or conferences frequently or own a cinema hall or restaurant, this is the best solution for you.

Visual Seat Plan


This is a feature that all of you have requested us to add and we’ve finally done it. If you go to Timetics→Meetings→Add New, you will see a new option named “One-to-Many Meetings with Seat Plan”. There you can create a new meeting with a visual seat plan. 

You will now be able to create a seating plan for your venue however you want. You will also be able to upload a floor plan of the venue and create a seating plan on it. The interface is very interactive so it will be very easy for you to operate.

Timetics WP Free vs Timetics WP Pro

Here is a summary of what extra features you will get in Timetics Pro vs What you get in Timetics Free:

FeaturesTimetics FreeTimetics Pro
Unlimited BookingYesYes
Unlimited MeetingsYesYes
Availability ManagementYesYes
Seating PlanNoYes
Multiple Meeting TypesNoYes
Staff Member ManagementYesYes
Email NotificationYesYes
Manual Booking from AdminYesYes

Here are the integrations you will get with Timetics Pro compared to Timetics-

IntegrationTimetics FreeTimetics Pro
Google CalendarYesYes
Google MeetYesYes
Stripe Payment GatewayYesYes

What Comes Next? 

These are the current features and integrations we are working on or thinking about working on very soon. If you have any great ideas you want to share with us that will make the plugin better, please share them in our roadmap section.

Eventin Integration


Yes, you’ve read it right. We have integrated Eventin with Timetics WordPress. We like to give you guys the complete package and that’s why we’ve added Eventin with Timetics WP. 

Now, for any event created from Eventin, you can use Timetics WP Pro to create a seating plan for that event. This will help you to run your events as an event manager very smoothly.

AI Integration


The era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has begun and we won’t lack behind in this new fast-paced era. We will integrate AI features very soon with Timetics WP Pro and you will be gifted with the kind of convenience you have never thought you wanted but you deserve it. 

It is already on our bucket list and we will start the research and development for this new exciting feature for Timetics WP Pro very soon.

Fluent CRM Integration


Regardless of what business you do, Email marketing plays a huge role in generating more sales these days. We always want our customers to enlarge their business and that is why we will quickly add Fluent CRM integration for you to automate your Email Marketing.

WooCommerce Integration

woocommerce_integration_with_timetics pro

We never want to limit our customers to only one option. That is why, in addition to the Stripe Payment Gateway integration, we will very soon give you the option to sell your ticket through WooCommerce as well. So, stay tuned with us.

Business-wise Template

Tiimetics Pro is the type of WordPress plugin that goes with any sort of business that requires appointment booking operations. So, for example, if you run an online coaching center you would naturally want the name of each meeting to be “class” or the name of the staff members to be “teachers” or “coach”, right?

That’s why we will very soon give you the option to set up the Timetics WP Pro environment according to your business theme. 

Customizable Form

If you are not happy with the default fields in the booking form then don’t worry. Because we are already working on adding customized fields for the booking form. So, very soon, you will be able to ask your preferred questions to your potential meeting attendees.


To sum things up, Timetics WP Pro is the perfect WordPress appointment booking plugin you can ever find now. It is made by the same team as Eventin and WPCafe. So, you should expect a good quality product. 

So stop waiting, hurry up, and get the Timetics WordPress Pro.

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