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All-New Timetics WordPress Booking Plugin v1.0.2: Exciting New Features

Timetics WordPress appointment booking plugin back with 5 new features

What a fine day to start, right?

And we have exciting news! 🤯

It’s Launch Day today, and Timetics WordPress booking plugin is Going Live with 4 New Features. 🚀

We’re excited to launch our ultimate booking and appointment plugin for WordPress that’s going to break the market. 

And we’re so happy we have you by our side. 

You have been a great part of our fastest-growing Timetics WP community, and we would like to thank you for your bright presence—which inspired us to this day. 

And also, we would like to remind you that our Countdown for Lifetime Deal with 60% Discount is already on the edge of the cliff. In just a matter of few days.

Timetics WordPress is Live with 4 New Booking & Appointment Features

So, let’s get introduced to 4 Exciting Features to step-up your booking plugin and appointment game. 

👉 Here they are:

✅ FluentCRM Integration
✅ iCal Integration
✅ Outlook Calendar Integration
✅ Seat Plan 2nd Phase

And more on your way…. 🥳

#1 FluentCRM Integration with Timetics WordPress

Timetics WordPress integrated with FluentCRM

FluentCRM—an email marketing automation plugin that you can use to manage your leads, and paying customers, launch email campaigns and analyze and optimize campaigns to grow more sales through email marketing. 

With FluentCRM integration with the Timetics WordPress appointment booking plugin, you can generate leads, contact info, email addresses, etc., and send them directly to the FluentCRM workflow to launch email marketing campaigns. 

Your whole email marketing automation will be more automated. 🥳

#2 iCal Integration with Timetics WP

Timetics WordPress integrated with iCal

As the most user-friendly calendars out there, we have integrated TimeTics WordPress booking plugin with iCal or Apple Calendar. Integrating your Apple calendar schedules with Timetics WP will help you make easy schedules, update, reschedule and cancel meetings at a whim. 

But that’s not all. 

Long story short, Timetics WP + Apple Calendar will just make your booking and appointment experience better. 

#3 Visual Seat Plan (2nd Phase)

Timetics WordPress Visual Seat Plan 2nd Phase

Now let’s talk about the Talk of the Town. 

Our greatest craftsmanship, the Timetics visual seat plan feature has been upgraded into 2.0 version with the Timetics WordPress appointment booking plugin. Now you can get way ahead in booking schedules and appointment management for your WordPress website. 

With visual seat plans on Timetics WP, you can draw or design table designs with seating arrangements, allowing you to see the available seats to book and manage the reservation online. If you need an option for restaurant reservations, the Visual Seat Plan feature is the perfect fit for your appointment and schedule management and grows your revenue. 

#4 Outlook Calendar Integration

Timetics WP integrates with Microsoft Outlook Calendar

If you’re not into iCal integration, then perhaps this will help you out. 

Integrating with your Outlook calendar will help you stand out from the crowd with the right booking and appointment management plugin for WordPress. 

And Timetics WordPress has just arrived at the right solution. 

With Timetics WP x Outlook Calendar integration, you can schedule and book appointments and reservations with ease and stay productive while all the tasks for taking updates, meeting cancellations, follow–up emails, and notifications get automated. 

Now, here’s the best part. 

You can optimize your staff’s calendar, keep the rosters in order, and manage your staff’s availability with Timetics WP integration, which gives you enough time to be more productive on major tasks. 

And your customers will have more flexibility to book appointments, reservations, or meetings that best fit their own calendar.

Here is the changelog of our latest updates:

🆓 Timetics WP Free
v1.0.4 (11 May 2023)

  • Tweak – Create a seating plan with a table
  • Tweak – Booking seat plan with table and chair
  • Tweak – Added a new hook for calendar settings on frontend
  • Tweak – Optimize icon component

🔥 Timetics WP Pro
v1.0.2 (11 May 2023)

  • Tweak – Seatplan 2nd Phase 
  • New – iCal Integration
  • New – Outlook calendar Integration
  • New – FluentCRM Integration

Now, with all these 4 new exciting features onboard, let’s take a look into the cream of the crop of our today’s agenda. 

Let’s dive in!

Now, with these 4 powerful integrations + upgrades on TimeTics WordPress, you can work much faster and automate your booking and appointment scheduling like clockwork.

And honestly, our team here at Timetics WP is happy to have made it this far for you. 🙏

Introducing Timetics: Appointment Booking Plugin for WordPress with Seat Plan

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Lastly, it is true that you will find a number of booking plugins in WordPress directory, but what sets Timetics WP apart is it can helps a business in various ways. It is a great plugin which has all the features an niche or business that needs to start off its operations. Timetics WordPress booking plugin has been facilitating an all in one shop solution.

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